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Anne MacLeod

Artists Statement

Within my work I notice and document. In the streets, I am curious about the traces people leave behind, whether intentionally, or not. Walking during lockdown, I recorded what I saw by taking photographs and making sketches. Daily life shrunk, causing intense focus on where I was and what I could see. Simple things fascinated me, such as worn paths, graffiti, and litter. I became curious about who had been there before me and I was intrigued. I began to see, notice and appreciate where I was.

In my practice, I immerse myself in my environment and explore the diverse textures and materials I encounter, using drawing and painting, frottage, photography and sound recording. Painting in watercolour in a photorealistic style, allows me to showcase unnoticed objects and convey the wonderment I feel when I encounter them. Identical fire hydrant covers become different and unique in time because of location, footfall and weathering. By immersing myself in the minutiae in urban spaces, and recording what I see and my response to it, and sharing this with others, these spaces are no longer over-looked and invisible, but instead become seen, noticed and appreciated by others.


Biographical Statement

Anne MacLeod was born in Cumbernauld, Scotland. She had a keen interest in art, but didn’t pursue it in earnest, until aged 40, when she joined a Watercolour Landscape Art course at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing and from there, she never looked back. She undertook a variety of other art classes whilst pursuing her career in the Civil Service, including Life Drawing at Strathclyde University and more recently an Introduction to Print Making at the Glasgow Print Studio. This culminated in her graduating this year with a BA in Painting from University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, England. She is currently completing her honours year.

Anne is a figurative painter focussing mostly on the urban environment and her influences are diverse, including contemporary artist Cornelia Parker and watercolourist, Angus McEwan. Her medium of choice remains watercolour, in her opinion, a somewhat overlooked and misunderstood medium. Her current series of fire hydrant covers, showcases her technical skills and abilities and demonstrates the almost photo realistic results which can be achieved.

She is a member of Paisley Artists and has newly been accepted as an Artist member with Paisley Art Institute.

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