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Eddie Tucker

Eddie Tucker is primarily a painter producing figurative realism works that are strongly narrative based.  Focussing on works exploring physicality and mentality, their imperfections, damages, fragilities of injury and age, and how these are revealed in the flesh - making us who and what we are.

Exploring how pain, injury trauma of the body and mind as well as life’s lived experiences can be depicted through painting.  He seeks to develop a new narrative, extending the initial narrative and developing new ones to evoke awareness and empathy in the viewer.

Our bodies and minds are like a diary or map of our life, revealing the stresses, strains, injuries, age and imperfections within its surface and underlying core.  Eddie looks at ways to explore how paint can be used as a physical representation of a body’s flesh and mind, reflecting on a life’s experiences.

On his travels in the UK and Europe Eddie keeps a visual travel diary of places visited doing at plein art sketch daily, he calls these his travel-art.  These works are lighter than the darker themes explored in his studio painting.

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