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Catherine Levey

Catherine Levey is a Nottingham UK based artist and recently completed a BA Painting degree [first class]. She has curated and exhibited in group shows and held her first solo show at Nottingham University. She has been the keynote speaker at art events, including a panel discussion ‘Can Art Change Our Preconceptions of Mental Health Problems?’ for the Mental Health Institute, Nottingham. This combined her experience working in the field of mental health with her art practice.

Levey has been shortlisted for the Zealous Amplify Art Prize and is featured in upcoming publications including ‘Flux Review 10’.


Her interest in people is reflected in her practice. Her process involves immersing herself in stories from biographies and archives and painting her emotional response which is naturally self-referential and ever changing. Lately this has involved a reflection on people who have suffered with mental illness. Through drawing and painting in fragile layers, the dream like presence of these people appear. 

Figures are often presented without context, inviting a unique dialogue through questions about the narrative. Recently her practice has taken a feminist turn, investigating reductive attitudes in historical and contemporary experience.

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