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Wendy Healey

Wendy Healey lives in Herefordshire, influenced by beginnings in Vancouver, Canada and a feral childhood in the Midlands, her practice absorbs her rural surroundings.

   ‘Inspiration for my making lies in the physicality of my surroundings and within me - I make things intuitively’.

   Wendy consciously and unconsciously harnesses the emotionality of her environment, fusing and transforming disparate materials such as debris, mud, brambles, bark, muslin, clay, plastic …. to create artwork. Her chosen natural and manufactured materials hold memories, emotions, thoughts and dreams, she enjoys their tactility, following their sensory rhythm to create organic sculptural forms and non-forms. Imbued with a life of their own, her work occupies an ephemeral slippery place between our internal and external worlds. Her aim is to engage viewers in an interactive immersive experience with her work.

   ‘Mesmerising, interesting, disturbing, maternal, imaginative inspired, provocative, visceral…work that made me stop in my tracks. A great narrative about ‘what’ we are and how we see ourselves’. Comments Book -‘In-between’ Exhibition at DAA (2022)

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